This website features header photos showcasing artists and performances. Full photo descriptions are available on our Accessibility & Credits page.

Who We Are

Community Arts is a program of the Zellerbach Family Foundation and a vital part of the foundation’s mission to serve as a catalyst for constructive social change. At Zellerbach, we believe arts and culture play a role in creating a thriving Bay Area by ensuring the voices, experiences, traditions and dreams of all individuals and communities can be appreciated and celebrated. To do this, arts and culture must be centered, employed to bring people together, change hearts and minds, and imagine a better future. The Community Arts program is generously supported by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the San Francisco Foundation.

What We Believe

  • Great work is created by artists working with, in, and for their communities.
  • Arts and culture belong at the center of a thriving region.
  • The arts are a valuable tool for creating a sense of vibrancy, belonging and dignity.

Our Purpose

The Community Arts program ensures vibrant work is created, new voices are celebrated, and artists and audiences inclusive of the Bay Area’s diverse communities and cultures have opportunities to thrive. We support the creation of work by Bay Area artists and access to the arts for Bay Area communities. We celebrate the rich diversity of the region by awarding funds to emerging artists and small to mid-sized arts and culture organizations engaging their communities with meaning and purpose.