This website features header photos showcasing artists and performances. Full photo descriptions are available on our Accessibility & Credits page.

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This website features header photos showcasing artists and performances. Detailed photo descriptions are available in the credits below.

Photo Credits

Home: First Slide

The Umoja Festival, 2019. Photo by Mecca Media

Against a sunny blue sky, a group of people are energetically dancing. Each has skin in varying shades of brown, light caramel to dark chocolate, and are in motion, with their hair, locks, or heads flying to the music. Their clothes are colorful and their faces show shared joy.

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The Lab, Roscoe Mitchell Quartet, 2019. Photo by Dena Beard

On a dark stage, a jazz quartet plays; from left to right four black men are playing saxophone, trumpet, bass and drums. The bass glows bright orange while the rest of the scene is muted grays and blacks. The light illuminates the players from above and glints off the instruments.

Home: Third Slide

Lenora Lee Dance, And the Community Will Rise, 2021. Photo by Robbie Sweeny

Three dancers are outdoors on concrete with a distressed painted brick wall behind them. It is daytime, and the male dancer in front is wearing dark red pants and a gray shirt. The two female dancers behind are in black and gray. All three are in motion, pulling one leg from left to right.

Important Dates

Capoeira Arts Foundation, Gratidão, 2019. Photo by the Capoeira community.

A young man at a Capoeira celebration twists as he flips backward through the air, wearing white pants and a blue t-shirt, his hair flying with the motion. He is surrounded by dozens of musicians who watch and play various kinds of drums, all dressed in the same white pants and blue t-shirts.

Guidelines & Eligibility

Surabhi Bharadwaj, Aśhrutam – The Unheard Voice, 2019. Photo by David Gaylord, TooSourFilms

Three women strike a pose in a classical Indian dance, arms gracefully above their heads, faces looking down over their right shoulders as they smile. Each dancer is wearing jewel-toned and embellished costumes, with gold jewelry around their necks, wrists and in their dark hair.

Apply, Credits & Notes

BoomShake Music, “Agua Pa” the People, 2019. Photo by Brooke Anderson

We see the heads and shoulders of two rows of people, wearing yellow shirts and straw hats. They hold two hands up in front of their faces, palms in, some have rings or watches. The background suggests they are outdoors, in a place filled with lush plants and greenery.


The Umoja Festival, Zimbabwean singer Piwaii, 2019. Photo by Mecca Media.

On a sunny outdoor stage, a singer holds a microphone as the wind blows her brown curly hair out behind her. She is wearing stacked gold rings around her throat and wrists, and has a collar made of long black feathers around her neck and chest. She is a warrior, and superhero.


Epic Party Theatre, Love in the Time of Piñatas, 2019. Photo by Robbie Sweeney

With a floor to ceiling curtain of glittering purple blue behind him, a young man with brown skin kneels in front of a large, brightly decorated pinata with foil cones and streamers coming out at all angles. He is wearing a black zip hoodie and looks searchingly up, into the light.

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