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Accessibility Notice

Step 1Before You Apply

Thank you for your interest in a Zellerbach Community Arts grant. Please review our Guidelines & Eligibility before applying. We also recommend that first time grantseekers attend an Applications Workshop.

Step 2Familiarize Yourself with the Application

This is the information you will need to provide once in the online application portal. To submit, you need to complete the application questions, provide a work sample and upload supporting documents. Together, these three elements make a complete application.

You may also use The Common App to help complete the application. The Common App is a new tool created by three Bay Area arts funders to streamline the application process and save grantseeking artists and arts and culture organizations time and resources. The information asked for on The Common App is the same information as is on the Community Arts application form in Fluxx. If you have completed The Common App, you will copy your responses into the corresponding questions of the Community Arts application form.

To find out more about The Common App, including which funders are using the tool, instructions on how to use it, and frequently asked questions, visit

  • Are you applying as an individual artist or an arts and culture organization?
  • Has this organization/artist received funding through Community Arts before?
  • Are you a 501c3 or using a fiscal sponsor?
  • Description of presenting organization/individual artist information (Common App Section 4a or 4b)
    • Briefly provide the organization’s mission (250 word suggested limit) and history (400 word suggested limit); summary of artistic programs, activities, and key recent accomplishments (400 word suggested limit); a description of the communities your organization engages and/or serves (400 word suggested limit)
    • OR briefly provide an artist statement (400 word suggested limit) and a description of the audiences you have presented to/ communities you have engaged in the last two years (250 word suggested limit).
  • Project Information (Common App Section 5a)
  • Project title
  • Project overview
    • Project summary and concept, inclusive of your artistic vision, goals, and decision to undertake this project at this time. (400 word suggested limit)
  • Artistic Partners
    • Who are the main artistic collaborators or project partners (artists, organizations, technicians, administrators)? How will they contribute to the project? Provide brief biographical information, as appropriate. (400 word suggested limit)
  • Project primary discipline (drop down list provided in online application)
  • Project sub-discipline(s) (checklist provided in online application)
  • Timing: When will the project be developed/presented? Please indicate if there are public dates already known. (250 word suggested limit)
  • If there will be public presentations, and you have venue information secured, where will the work be presented? (250 word suggested limit)
  • Is there an online/virtual component to the project:
    • Yes
    • No
    • To Be Determined
  • In which of the following counties will the project take place?
    • Alameda
    • Contra Costa
    • San Francisco
  • Community served
    • Is there an intended audience for this project? If yes, how will you engage them? (250 word suggested limit)
  • Please share any additional information about this proposal and why it’s a good fit for the Zellerbach Family Foundation Community Arts program? (400 word suggested limit)
  • Financial Information
  • Total project budget
  • Annual Organization Budget
  • You may provide up to 3 work samples totaling 5 minutes of materials to review. Work samples can be provided using online links (video or audio) or uploading JPGs (images) or PDFs (documents).
  • Use Work Sample Notes to describe how your work samples relate to the proposed project. If submitting audio or video samples, please indicate necessary user/password info and cueing instructions.
  • Project budget
  • Memorandum of understanding (MOU), for fiscally sponsored applications only
  • Additional documents (optional) including artist CV, press clipping or letter of support
Step 3Register for Access
Go to Fluxx, the online grant system, at to register for a user ID and password. Credentials will be sent via email within 2-3 business days. Please note your login information, as you will need it every time you access the grantee portal.
Step 4Complete & Submit Your Application

Once you receive credentials, log into Fluxx and select the Community Arts application. You may either complete the application questions in the form in Fluxx or, if using The Common App, copy your responses into the corresponding questions (both options ask for the same information). After starting your application, you may save it and return later to complete and submit. Once you submit your application, you will no longer be able to edit.

Applications must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on the application cycle due date. Late and/or incomplete applications will be considered in the following cycle, if eligible.